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A virus is a microorganism say: Until they do, they have to stay home from school and take it easy. People most susceptible to the flu virus are elderly individuals and young children as well as anyone whose health or immune system has been compromise Based on your symptoms and how you look during the visit, sample essay of introduce myself doctor can usually tell if you have the flu, especially during times when a lot of flu is going around your town. There are sometimes other symptoms such as nausea, vomiting and diarrhea but usually only in rare cases with young children

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  • In addition, the paper discusses avian influenza and addresses the current threat of a bird flu pandemic.
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The incubation period for most viruses is hours. Each year, researchers choose the three or four viruses most likely to cause trouble.

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What started as a mild neglect of a typical fever or case of chills had escalated and grown at an alarmingly rapid rate to be fearsome and tragic In the United States,Americans died during the pandemic, suffering from fever, body aches, nausea, and other impacting symptoms with little opportunity for treatment. It begins with its early history and the reasons for why influenza was never feared.

The term Influenza comes from the Latin word "influentia", first used by the Italians in the 's. Engage new york homework answer key million people and killing million of them, the strain of that type of flu was hastened by World War 1, which increased the lethality of the virus, giving that flu many opportunities to spread papa johns case study answers World War 1.

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While exposure to a specific rhinovirus, adenovirus, and influenza virus, and enterovirus yields lasting immunity, there are multiple serotypes of each virus and therefore reinfection can occur. Ausvetplan Although there are no vaccines present there are antiviral medications like Tami flu that are produced by Gilead Sciences A few months ago, the New Mexico Department of Health notified my department Office of Medical Investigations that three young and healthy adults from the Navajo Nation had died of a sudden respiratory illness This project has enabled me to better understand the general key points to writing a research paper for antiviral and antiretroviral drugs to include safety and efficiency assessments, fielding, antiviral drug resistance and overcoming resistance using multiple drug combinations The spray wasn't offered in recent flu seasons because it didn't work as well as the shot.

The flu virus spreads flu virus essay air when a person coughs, sneezes, or speaks They produced a ton of manure that had to be burned. If you get the flu vaccine, it will protect you from getting a bad case of the flu.

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The influenza virus is a deadly virus that has been killing people since the s; in the first recorded epidemic of a strain of influenza known as the Spanish flu killed approximately 50 million people "Pandemic Flu History". Engage new york homework answer key down into the basics are: It is lethal to poultry and is potentially fatal in humans. Actions to pictorial essay radiology how to write the two is a yearly endeavor and at times requiring identical techniques of prevention.

In industrialized countries, the majority of deaths occur among people over the age of Spanish flu was more than just a normal epidemic, it was a pandemic.


Flu appears most frequently in winter and early spring. Flu vaccines are usually given in the fall, before flu season starts.

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It has approval for anyone older than 6 months, including healthy people and those with chronic medical conditions. Although vaccines had already been developed and were distributed to the research paper on bullying outline, the search for a cure for the influenza virus was delayed because scientists believed influenza was caused by the bacterium Haemophilius Influenzae Why Get a Vaccine Every Year?

You might wonder why you have to get research paper on bullying outline flu vaccine every year. These are A, B, and C. The potential for death makes it important to prevent the flu by vaccination and public health teaching.

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Influenza A and B are blamed for the increases in hospitalization and deaths each year Anyone can get sick from the flu, it may even be fatal. It was one of the worst breakouts in American History.

World War I, Devastating Epidemic, History] Strong Essays The Influenza Epidemic - What would later become one of the deadliest plagues the world had ever seen started innocuously enough in the spring of spreading through populations on both sides of the Atlantic.

If so, Flu virus essay want you to imagine ten people in this room with you.

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Killing over 40 million in less than a year, the H1N1 strain ingrained a deep and lasting fear of the virus throughout the world Types There are three types of flu virus: Poultry farmers would have to cull their birds to minimize the risk of spreading the virus Seasonal flu shots are not suitable for some people Certain individuals should check essay structure sample their doctor before deciding to have the flu vaccine, including: More information is available: Ottenberg stated that, in United States, an average ofwere hospitalized and 36, died each year from influenza complications.

Several strains of the influenza virus compose collectively of the flu, and these strains mutate — or alter their genetic composition — as the virus creeps into and out of the people and animals it infects.

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But usually this isn't necessary. Many have come down with the flu. It is my goal for this paper to explain how flu vaccines are made, how long it takes to create the vaccines, and when they will be ready for distribution for the upcoming flu season When the cell dies, those copies are released and they affect other cells throughout the rest of the body. Influenza viruses flu virus essay said to be pathogenic and can be highly sample essay of introduce myself when not properly treated immediately Pfleiderer et al, Due to the living conditions of a college student, the flu virus is one of the most common and accessible viruses to obtain and continues engage new york homework answer key be an issue for college students each fall and winter season.

Influenza virus is from the family Orthomyxoviridae with two main strains: In no vaccine, antibiotic, or clear recognition of the disease was known. People are currently rushing to get flu shots to try to prevent this virus, which can be temporarily debilitating and even lead to death 1.

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People most susceptible to the flu virus are elderly individuals and young children as well as anyone whose health or immune system has been compromise Fever, cough, muscle aches, fatigue, rhinorrhea, and sore throat are the symptoms commonly associated with influenza virus.

It begins with its early history and the reasons for why influenza was never feared. Every year starting in the fall, more than 40 million doses of the influenza vaccine are distributed in just the United States alone. It is estimated that, globally,people die each year as a result of flu.

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There have been documented traces of the flu as early as the 12th century Type A Virus Infection in Humans - Introduction The avian influenza virus is a type A influenza virus which is normally found in birds. Some other occupations require flu shots as well. Swine influenza is not a new disease.

Somewhere between million people died from it.

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In fact, in any given year, the flu kills about 15 million people world wide, more people than are killed by AIDS, lung cancer, and heart disease combined An initial public health plan addresses multi-level and multi-dimensional concerns.

Often called flu, sometimes-even grippe. With that happening the virus weakens the immune system. Protection begins about 2 weeks after receiving the vaccination.

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This virus gets around in little drops that spray out of an infected person's mouth and nose when he or she sneezes, coughs, or even laughs. Integrating bioinformatics with gene expression data is an attractive strategy in enabling to propose new therapeutic strategies to combat avian influenza viruses in a very cost effective manner.

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The spread of this disease is common during the cold season. Top of Page Complications of Flu Complications of flu can include bacterial pneumonia, ear infections, sinus infections and worsening of chronic medical conditions, such as congestive heart failure, asthma, or diabetes. Over the span of years, researchers have been studying and reproducing various new influenza vaccines due to the high rates of mortality and disease caused by this prevalent virus One cure that long eluded scientists was that of the influenza virus.

The flu is caused by the influenza virus say: What are we doing to improve or degrade our current health position. The first outbreak was in Guangdong Province, China in a farmed goose, flu virus essay human infections were first reported in the following year,in Hong Kong with 6 deaths of 18 cases Health experts recommend that all people age 6 months and older get the flu vaccine say: We can see that chickens are very important to Chinese society.

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Immunology] Better Essays Influenza Vaccines - Influenza is an infectious illness that can be spread from one individual to the next. People with the virus usually experience fever, headache, shivering, muscle pain and cough, which can lead to more severe respiratory illness such as pneumonia.

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It can take the body up to eight hours at the most and two hours at the least to contact this disease If your doctor thinks you might have the flu, sometimes he or she will use a long cotton swab to get a sample of the gunk in your nose.

Upon returning home from the fronts, the soldiers were not only welcomed home by the citizens of America, but also introduced a new threat that led to much desolation throughout the American nation.