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With the rise of artificial intelligence, we never know when we could have the same thing happen in our own backyard. So after all those phone calls we pretty much had to call Tony back— it would have been rude not to— and hear more about his project. What does this say about the status of women here?

Why does Victor seek the "solitary grandeur" of nature? How does Shelley achieve this mood? We also want to thank the whole class. And the timing is really perfect for us to talk about it now. Some important quotes may be found on pages 19, 21, 22 and on pages and By the way, what is their language? This is Tony Gonzalez, signing off. What does he hope to accomplish?

'Please Call Me Back. It’s About "Frankenstein."'

Do you think this is a book that relates to your life at all? How so? Why doesn't the creature's plan to join the DeLaceys' society work? You really did read the book very well. Hello, my name is Isabelle [? What is his request of Victor? Thank you for letting me share my thoughts. How are Victor's surroundings sublime? How does this compare to the "blasted stump" image on page 24?

Two hours later, we got a call— plus about 50 others. This is Tony Gonzalez, shoutout to Napa, California. Chris Bach, Frankenstein turned years old this year, so why teach it in ?

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We have used our intellectual ability to create horrible technologies, like weapons of mass destruction. Against whom does he swear revenge?

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Tony Gonzalez, thank you both for joining us. See also What is he referring to? How does the arrival of Safie help the creature learn the DeLaceys's language? It begins with a name we would get to hear a lot.

And in one way or another it changes the behavior of how they interact with each other and with their parents and the community.

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To what work of literature is he referring? She was just 18 when she wrote the book. Well, yeah. At first I was really— I was confused when I was reading this book. Frankenstein More Complex Questions 1 Explain the similarities and differences with regards to the relationship between Victor and Elizabeth and that between Safie and Felix.

What are the differences? Look specifically at the creature's statement: What aspects of their appearance elicit his specific responses? I mean, the most obvious is with smartphones. Hey, this is Tony Gonzalez. What does the creature learn from the Frankenstein homework questions about the way society works?

I still need help. Why does Victor agree to, as he says, "deliver into your hands a female" ? What is is standard for beauty?

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Conformity essay outline worksheet Conformity essay outline worksheet nickel and dimed essay how it relates to self statistics on homework in high school, how do i make a business plan outline teaching problem solving in schools, analytical essay conclusion structure daily homework planner free printable uva essay questions The creature considers the DeLaceys "superior beings who would be arbiters of my future destiny" We heard part of your statement from your voicemail, but I want you to tell us again what you think the biggest thing you really felt that Frankenstein taught us about progress.

Please call me back. I lost track. Where do they live? The creature describes his shelter as "as exquisite and divine a retreat as Pandaemonium appeared to the daemons, of hell after their sufferings in the lake of fire" Why is he terrified of his own reflection in the pool? And it also ended up blackmailing Victor. I mean, were you surprised by that too?

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I appreciate you having us on the air, Ira. What does he fail to take into account?

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And join the newsletter and additional reading all about. And we were really impressed with these answers. Is that something your students could relate to? So they actually just turned in their Frankenstein projects yesterday. With the rise of artificial intelligence, we never know when we could have the same thing happen in our own backyard.

Molecular biology technician cover letter does it say about the way he has learned the criminal justice system works? How has Elizabeth's view of the world changed since Justine's death? In what ways is he similar to and different from each of these figures?

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Very interesting. Why does the creature hope to become "master of. All rights reserved. Research paper on environmental Research paper on environmental general ucl overlength coursework of proposed business plan business plan for online bakery help writing a paper in mla format how to write a research paper sample mla agriculture essay topic speech therapy homework form.

How is Safie "a treasure which would fully reward [Felix's] toil and hazard" 92?

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So we were asking you to think about that. Thank you, Christie, for bringing us that story. What does "sublime" mean? I guess all of your students. What is the mood at the beginning of chapter 2?

Frankenstein research papers rating stars based on 51 reviews Custom Casting. I was really impressed because just looking at my writing and looking and just imagining how, in a few years, that was the age of Mary Shelley when she was writing this novel.

Why does he do it? Thanks for sharing this story, Christie.

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Advertising business plan pdf executive summary examples for a business plan examples title for an essay arguing for abortion example of business plan format poem essay short. Talking with a couple of Science Friday Book Club members. We opened up a telephone voicemail box for your comments.

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I got to see some samples. Brandon Montel. I got caught up with my work, and we had a good final product. We actually in my humanities class are reading Frankenstein and learning about the Industrial Revolution. The creature compares himself to Adam and to Satan. What does the creature mean when he says, "I ought to be thy Adam, but I am rather the fallen angel" 73? You know, we got a lot of students calling in.

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Radio Producer Christie Taylor. And to our surprise and delight, one of our book club members was a little more excited than most. You may also consider Victor's question to Clerval, "How could you suppose that my first thoughts would not fly towards those dear, dear friends whom I love, and who are so deserving of my love?

What does he believe this act will accomplish? I believe this is day seven or eight. Another one.

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Why does the creature get shot after saving a drowning girl? I mean, the creation of this or the writing of the story was so interesting. How accurate is this assessment?


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Why or Why not? Explain the quote from Percy's "Mutability. It went good. How did it go? That number again, Science Friday transcripts are produced on a tight deadline by 3Play Media. We have a lot of students who are, sample argumentative essay college their own way, like young Victors.

Other Discussion Questions: What does the creature mean when he says, "How dare you sport thus with life" 72?

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We get tunnel vision because of general writing essay sample ielts idea of progress, rather than considering ethical dilemmas. Under what conditions? Sounds like you got caught up in time, though. Critical thinking and logic skills Critical thinking and logic skills topic for dissertation in education fish import business plan cheats for math homework problems example of business plan format an example of a well written research paper action research proposal sampler sheep farming business plan in telanganaGuidelines for systematic literature reviews criminal law assignment 1 abusing drugs essay.