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Non-fiction often contains headings, bold or italic printed words of importance, and a glossary or index so that information can be easily accessed. Non-fiction Book 3 Title: Susan Campbell Bartoletti Title: Along with being from many different locations the poems themselves are also about many different things.

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The mouse wants a cookie and when the boy gives him a cookie it leads to a long list of other things the mouse will want to have. New York City: This book has a heart-wrenching ending and captivates the reader by eliciting feelings of sorrow for the black man wronged.

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The boy's mother admires the bell, but laments that it is broken for you see, only believers can hear the sound of the bell. It tells of all the events that happened that day.

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Graphia, Type of book: Finally we see the rescue operations and the collapse of the buildings. Poetry Book 4 Title: Picture story book Reading level: Non-fiction books should contain factual and accurate information. Scholastic Press, Type of book: This is also the first book in a series of similar books which is great for children to build fluency.

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Preschool-2nd Grade This book has a wide range of poems. There are many famous poets in this book like Shel Silverstien and Emily Dickinson.

Through the mind of a child, the reader is taken to an alternate world that is full of mysterious things, but always makes it back for dinner. Grades K-3 Late one Christmas Eve, a boy boards a mysterious train:

Poetry Book 1 Title: It is not a complete paper unto itself, as annotated bibliographies do not employ thesis statements or the typical paper structure required by the Modern Language Association MLA. Little does he know that this is not your typical camp. Through the mind of a child, the reader is taken to an alternate world that is full of mysterious things, but always makes it back for dinner.

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Step 1 Gather the works of children's literature you wish to catalog. This would be perfect for fourth or fifth grade history classes; it covers many different aspects of Ancient Egypt. Grades This is a story about a boy and a mouse. September 11, There are many colorful pictures to go along with these poems.

Artifacts that have been found in tombs and burial sites are shown, like jewelry, pottery and art. Noteworthy Traits:

The book begins with an introduction entitled "Just Before We Begin", which, in part, tells the reader to imagine for themselves who the narrator is. The use of imagery is fantastic and there are simple illustrations included. Aladdin, Type of book: Non-fiction Book 3 Title: This is a popular favorite among high level younger readers.

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The language and writing of the text is very easy to understand, it is also very descriptive. This is a classic must-have to introduce children to poetry.

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