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Essay on Ganga river in English Quantify the Yamuna river itself is an independent and large, i. Hindus in India regard the river, Ganga as a goddess. At Yaranasi the Ganga water becomes highly polluted where 71 large and small sewer drains discharge about 15 million gallons of effluents per day into the river. Twenty-five big cities located along its bank generated 1, mid sewage over 95 per cent of the same entered the river without being treated prior to the Ganga Action Plan GAP. Essay on the Ganga River India Article shared by: No river evokes such feelings in the human mind as the Ganga does.

The Hindus believe that if you die while in the river, you are guaranteed a place in ill effects of watching tv too much essay. Hooghly branch of the river which flows near Kolkata, the second branch enters Bangladesh's Padma river.

Even leaving out the knotty question of whether the Ganga is an international river and whether there should be proper sharing of its water between different countries, the fact remains that the Ganga certainly is an interstate river and that all users have the same claim over its water. The civilization and the cultural life of North and Eastern India flowered and flourished in the basin of the Ganga.

The items of resource recovery should not be an afterthought but an integral part of the scheme. The plains of Ganga are the best as they are developed in communication and transport.

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Raja Advertisements: From a swift moving stream the Ganga grows into a wide river just before it touches the plains at Rishikesh. Consequently the city of Varanasi contributes about one-fourth of the State's pollutants to the Ganga. No more than a few feet wide in the Himalayas, it is a tumbling, boisterous stream in the hills, and a deep, fast flowing river at Rishikesh where it enters the plains.

Waves of concern rippled through the country. A clean Ganga fund has also been set up to collect funds that would be used in various activities relating to the rejuvenation of Ganga River.

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Same is the problem with territorial distribution of possible uses. The recognition that people can, and must, make a difference in the quality of the region where they live has the potential not only to save the rivers of the Ganga drainage, but to empower the people living along the banks of these rivers and relying on river water for life itself. Multimedia argumentative essay problem is to prevent this waste; to use the excess water to augment the flow in the dry period, thus ensuring a continuous and steady supply of Ganga water throughout the year.

The Hindus use the Ganges River to cleanse their sins. The river flows from Rajmahal Hills towards the South. Clean water is now a limiting resource across the Ganga drainage, despite the relatively wet climate of much of the region. In India, it has largest river-basin which stretches around 8,38, sq.

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Add to this the needs of fish, wildlife and for recreation. Some aspects of water quality — dissolved oxygen levels, phosphate and nitrate concentrations — have improved locally as a result of GAP, but other contaminants such as pesticides in agricultural runoff remain largely unchanged because they are not treated in wastewater plants.

None could challenge the scientific data collected with utmost silence and meticulously collated. A piecemeal approach, which has what do you write in a cover letter for a resume the practice with our policy-makers, may irreparably damage this supremely important flow resource of India and deliver a crippling blow to the health and economy of one of the largest and most densely settled river valleys in the world.

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Even the sacred Ganga cannot withstand the onslaught of contemporary resource use and remain eternally pure. P Himalayas and this has been largely neglected area. The famous Hindu shrine of Badrinath is nestled on the banks of Alaknanda.

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No river evokes such feelings in the human mind as the Ganga does. Comparatively speaking, Bihar is neither a substantial user of Ganga water for irrigation nor for industries. Availability of water, transport and other facilities are the causes of development of these industries.

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It is generally not realised that though not comparable to the needs of agriculture, industry also requires a significant amount of fresh water. It has led to worse fire killing a number of aquatic organisms. Cities such as Kathmandu, Nepal, along the tributary Bishnumati River, release a variety of contaminants into the rivers, and water quality deteriorates rapidly downstream.

Most of dissertation ideas english literature flows into the sea. IDPL adds to the problem. The Ganga is among the first 10 mighty rivers in the world in average annual run-off measured in terms of thousand million cubic meters.

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It is estimated that million gallons of sewage are being put into the river each day. Essay on the Ganga River Essay 1.

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Some efforts are being made to clean up the Ganges river. With the onset of the rainy season and extended over to a few months afterwards the flow is much more than we shall be able to consume even with higher demands in future.

Essay on the Ganga River India Article shared by: Flowing through the plains that gives India both physical and spiritual nourishment. A study of contaminants in tissue from humans, domestic animals, and wildlife throughout India found that compounds such as PCBs are ubiquitous2. Short essay on Ganga River Pollution K.

Essay on Ganga River and Its Importance

Just type and press 'enter' Search for: Lastly, there is the demand for navigation, particularly for the existence of the Calcutta Haldia Port complex. The proposal does not stop at that. According to Kumra per liter of Ganga water near Kanpur contains Alaknanda river is a branch of Ganges.

The Ganga, the most sacred and worshipped river of the Hindus, is now one of the most polluted rivers of the country.

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Large portions of its banks are protected with trees and forests; and the remaining parts are, obviously, battered by erosion. One very competent and high-placed officer in the Union ministry of agriculture wrote that our irrigation plans were drafted in isolation and failed to take note of the many other vital questions linked with the construction of dams and canals for the use of water.

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At Allahabad, the famous centre of Hindu pilgrimage, 13 drains discharge mid of sewage into Ganga and its tributary Yamuna which contains 32, kg of polluted material. Jamuna is a major tributary of Ganga River.

  1. This causes deaths of about children every year Singhp.
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Then, it flows through the major areas of Northern India and undivided Bengal; it had met the Bay of Bengal. The irrigating waters of River Ganga physically make lands fertile in India and abundant in several crops. Out of the total length of the river 2, km for Gangotri to Gangasagar about km long stretch is highly polluted.

Its km sewage system has remained chocked since Its water is widely used in irrigation and agriculture purpose.

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According to a survey conducted by the Central Water and Power Commission, the hydro-power generation potential of Ganga lies mainly in the U. According to Swami Vivekananda, the Gita and Ganga constitute, between themselves, the essence of Hinduism one its theory, and the other its practice. On its way, the Ganga is joined by many rivers — by the Ram Ganga at Kannauj, and by the Yamuna and the mythical, invisible Saraswati at Allahabad.

But it can be phased out in the coming plan periods as we have done in many cases.

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After Allahabad, down the stream there are no prayagas though many rivers fall into the Ganga. It originates at Gangotri, a big glacier in the Himalayan range and flows through plains, forests and terrain.

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Foreign visitors to India have long commented on the filth of the Ganga. Two other aspects of the plan for the Ganga should be to introduce rational use of water sectorally as well as territorially.

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It provides the golden crops to us from the fertile lands on its banks. Secondly, many towns and cities are located in the Ganga basin; and the decomposed substances, both organic and inorganic, of them find their last refuge in the waters of the Ganga. These irrigate thousands of acres of land and help in having good crops.

The tributaries of the Ganges supports about million people. Long after his death, turned up a professor who began to narrate his story of our rivers. The alarm sounded about Ganga water pollution has lately added to the complexity of the present situation. Each of the stories shares the theme that Ganga, daughter of the Himalaya, is persuaded to shed her purifying waters on the sinful Earth and thus bring salvation to humanity.

An activist cannot literally embrace a portion of a river the way that people protesting excessive tree cutting in India can hug a tree. Ganga River is also the national river of India. At places it has become unfit for human consumption. In Bihar the capital city of Patna throws out mid of waste water into the Ganga.

That is the reason why we reverse our rivers. Lastly comes the question of pollution. Chromium-rich from about tanneries pose a serious problem. This is a very important river for everyone, especially the Hindus, but f we do not take care of it will late night homework quotes destroyed by pollution.

The second aims at pollution control. A number of dead bodies of human beings and animals are thesis rime of the ancient mariner way thrown into the river. The Alaknanda is also a very holy river, it rises from a glacier lying on the eastern face of the Chauknambha mountain.