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Select the most relevant information from the articles as it pertains to your subject and your purpose. Answers to the following questions reflect critical analysis of the literature and demonstrate skills in integrating content on a variety of levels: You may need to explicitly show how the literature relates to the research question; don't assume that the connection is obvious. Kathy Black, Ph. You may also find literature regarding public perception of people with chronic illnesses or analyses of current laws affecting workplace discrimination.

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Seriously consider the ethical and academic consequences of plagiarizing material, and avoid the problem altogether by responsibly crafting your own papers and literature reviews. Do not simply summarize each study — integrate them into a focused work which: Today, much information is available electronically, and you can obtain literature just about anytime and anywhere.

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Literature reviews are often done within the context of writing a paper and sometimes done as a mini-assignment, perhaps setting the frame for a broader paper, exposing students to the breadth of information available on a topic area, or demonstrating skills in critical thinking and writing ability.

Was it representative? You may want to dr essay durban the review around a set of sub-headings, as discussed in class.

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  3. Resist simply regurgitating findings by stringing quotes from separate sources; instead, strive to synthesize the information.

How are they operationally defined? You should structure the written review with a topic sentence and paragraph highlighting the general importance of 7 sat essay score literature, setting the stage for the rest of the review.

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Does the research problem apply to diverse groups of people and populations at risk? Again, you should learn about the resources available to you through your library and take advantage of the high technological services offered by your school.

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Perhaps a focus on distinct social work critical literature review or time periods? Are the conclusions and implications reasonable, based on the findings of the study?

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To begin the search, take advantage of library resources available to you through your college or university. In searching for information, you should be aware of key words and advanced search features to facilitate the process.

All statements should be drawn from cited works. Although information is also widely available through the World Wide Web, not every site offers credible information. You should exploit conflicting findings in previous studies rather than omitting findings that contradict your point of view!

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Five or 10 sources? You can largely focus your searching to pre-determine the subtopics in which you will structure your writing.

Literature Review Process - Social Work Specialized Topics - Research Guides at New York University

Answers to the following questions reflect critical analysis of the literature and demonstrate skills in integrating content on a variety of levels: Organize your information in the way that makes most sense. This article will briefly outline key points for you to keep in mind when writing literature reviews for social work.

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Choose a variety of articles that relate to your subject, even if they do not directly answer your research question. In your literature review, you should not only emphasize the findings, but also comment on the quality and importance of research presented. Unlike annotated bibliographies which are lists of references arranged alphabetically that include the bibliographic citation and a paragraph summary and critique for each source, literature reviews can be incorporated into a research paper or manuscript.

When writing your literature review, you should address a specific and well-defined question or set of questions. Are these definitions sensible and appropriate?

Does the author discuss implications for social work occupational therapy assistant resume cover letter Group case studies together, especially if all the case studies have related findings, research questions, or other similarities. Are these definitions sensible and appropriate?

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You should attempt to present a balanced picture of previous research and theoretical works. What conclusions does the author make on the basis of the study?

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The National Center for Elder Abuse indicates that there were 6, cases of abuse annually including 4, physical, 1, financial, emotional, and sexual year. Over a million cases of elder abuse were reported to elder abuse hotlines nationally inand the majority of abuse reported was physical author, year; author, year; author, year.

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Once purpose, scope, length, and writing expectations are ascertained, you can embark on conducting your search for literature. Social work critical literature review, other cases of plagiarism involve the intentional and deliberate copying of text that is presented as original work by another.

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What gaps remain in the literature? Students taking social work black parents homework meme throughout the curriculum, including Human Behavior and the Social Environment, Practice, Policy, and Research classes, are frequently asked to write literature reviews for a variety of reasons.

Literature search—finding materials relevant to the subject being explored Data evaluation—determining which literature makes a significant contribution to the understanding of the topic Analysis and interpretation—discussing the findings and conclusions of pertinent literature Literature reviews should comprise the following elements: Getting Ready To begin with, you will need to ascertain the purpose of the literature review.