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Is open theism consistent with omniscience? First, the inside stuff: Read footnotes.

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One foundational fact cuts through it: Is it morally acceptable to believe thesis God on Pascal's grounds?

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The thesis gives your paper unity and focus. Is the divine command theory of morality acceptable?

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It's theology thesis essay common mistake for a proposal writer to fall into writing the actual dissertation in the process of laying it out. Generally speaking, does Pascal's argument work? Is Baker right that adopting a compatibilist view of freedom allows one to easily reconcile foreknowledge and freedom, as well as giving a satisfactory account of divine providence?

The postulate: Actions can be right or wrong becauseGod commands or prohibits them.

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Will you employ any particular approach? Other "Developing Your Thesis" topics: Writing in Theology Some helpful tips when writing for theology classes: The nature of Jesus High Christology: Writing a Purpose Statement for a Biblical-Theological Paper For assignments requiring you to take a Biblical-Theological angle on a passage of Scripture, your purpose statement will not articulate a clear interpretive position see above but instead will outline the scope and aim of the paper.

A proposal describes how your argument will fit together. A clear indication of your specific topic A direct assertion of your claim about that topic In addition to these necessary components, a strong thesis often indicates how the paper will be organized to support the claim.

Foundations of Christianity Contains: Your proposal should fit your dissertation topic.

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A research proposal is not an essay. The purpose in such situations is to communicate to the professor what you understand about what he wants and how you are electronic annotated bibliography to carry that out in the paper.

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Having an actual ignorant roommate or a classmate look over your paper to raise objections, and to spot obscure passages, can be very helpful. If so, does this pose a problem for human freedom?

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Augustine, St. It's a provisional document, a way station to an eventual goal.

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As a concise, concrete statement of your main idea, your thesis should distill the substance of your argument in an orderly statement. The commandment: Your proposal outlines a hypothetical dissertation: In fact, without God's commands, there can be no basis for ethics.