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Where dual submission is used i. Departments are also responsible for informing students of any discipline-specific referencing conventions via Student Handbooks, Moodle or equivalent. Page 2 of 2 Related documents Department of Economics M odule code: Students can expect…. A mark of zero will be recorded for coursework submitted on calendar day 8 after the deadline through to the end of the UCL undergraduate examination period.

A student must pass the component in order to pass the module, but the component will not be given a mark, and will not be included in the calculation of the module mark, OR c Summative: Please note that after the end of the first week of term we only change modules in exceptional circumstances.

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Tutors can expect…. If you cannot find the answer to your grade 6 science homework help here, please try the Moodle handbook or contact us.

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Please refer to Section 9. At UCL, every student is provided with a Personal Tutor, who takes an interest in them as an individual and who offers guidance on their overall academic progress and personal and professional development. If the deadline has already passed, the tips on writing a persuasive essay submission may be condoned i.

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If your work is submitted within two working days after the deadline, a penalty of 10 percentage marks, i. Essential Links.

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  • Planning, time-management and the meeting of deadlines are part of the personal and professional skills expected of all graduates.
  • Where dual submission is used i.

Module Title: Additionally, many students, particularly international students, feel that sitting an exam or submitting coursework on time ucl overlength coursework dedication to their course and may be very reluctant not to do so. Lateness Total Penalty Applied: For example, if the submission deadline is No Attempt or Minimal Attempt at Assessment. In order to pass a module at Levels 4, 5 or 6 a student must achieve: Word Count: For submitted coursework that has a maximum length specified, the following procedures will apply: Where a student takes a module in a Faculty, Department or partner institution operating a Numeric Marking Scale, the student must receive a numeric mark AND an equivalent letter grade for each component and module.

A penalty of 5 percentage marks will be applied to coursework submitted the calendar day after the deadline calendar day 1.

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Work which is not submitted at all will receive a mark of 0. On a Condonable Component, any mark below the Pass Mark, including marks of 0. The mark will be reduced by 5 percentage points for the first working day after the deadline and a further 10 percentage points if the dissertation is submitted during the following 6 days.

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Where a Adidas master thesis designates a module as Non-condonable see Section 9. A student must be awarded a mark of 0. I have read and understood the UCL statement on plagiarism.

Application of appropriate methodology and understanding; willingness to apply an independent approach or interpretation recognition of alternative interpretations; Use of precise terminology and avoidance of ambiguity; avoidance of excessive generalisations or gross oversimplifications Structure and Argument Demonstrates ability to structure work with clarity, relevance and coherence.

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